Monday, November 3, 2014


 If I walk into a bar with these dude's behind me... I doubt you're messing with me...

Once again, I had the honor of Robert Casey asking me to do a write up on my experience at the Arizona Fall League. This time though, it's not so much about the league and instead about a meeting.  It's about two Yankees having a terrific Fall... Aaron Judge and Greg Bird.  This picture above was taken of me and our boys. 

Throughout the past month, I have been to quite a few games in Arizona. As a result, I've had the chance to talk to the kids trying to make it to the Bigs. They know who I am which is cool, and usually I can walk up, shake hands and talk a bit. 

On November 1st, I attended the Annual Fall Stars game. The Yankees had Aaron Judge and Greg Bird representing. I was looking around the field for them & I saw them down the left field line. They were signing autographs for a bunch of people.  I walked down to wish them luck. As I was standing there, to my surprise, Greg came up to me shook my hand and asked how I was doing. Aaron was right next to him and he did the same. Just really nice guys!  I asked if I could get a picture with Greg. Greg grabbed Aaron and I got some random guy in the crowd to take the shot. That's what you see above.

Look, this may not seem like much of a post, but this is the future!  The Yankees need a youth movement. The fans have been screaming about it for a few years now.  These guys are coming... I really hope so, at least.  These are 2 big boys playing excellent baseball. Trust me when I tell you... the Yankees are noticing!  By the way, when I say big boys, I'm not kidding. Aaron Judge is 6'7", 230. Greg Bird checks in at 6'3" 215. 

Let me tell you, the future looks bright for these two kids and the New York Yankees.

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