Sunday, November 16, 2014


We can hash out what’s wrong with the Yankees…after all, it’s that time of the year... the Holiday Season! We’re gearing up for the Christmas hoping Santa will bring us something that will fix all that ails our beloved Bronx Bombers. We're writing our Christmas lists... we're hoping Santa reads them...

The Big Man will receive hundreds or thousands of cards and letters up at the North Pole.

In the meantime, let’s send some letters to the Yankees themselves to take care of some tidbits they can square away ASAP!  I’m sure you have some of your own, but I have just one I’d like to kick off with. LET’S LOSE THE COTTON EYED JOE BIT!!

It’s awful. It’s played itself out and frankly is one of the lamest things I’ve seen in any MLB stadium…and I’ve been to LA and Anaheim!

This inning break eye sore gives me a “Rally Monkey” and “I Love LA” feeling in my gut. I want it to go away…NOW!

Look, we have some great traditions that have and will stand the test of time. Playing the FRANK SINATRA version of “New York, New York” (lose the Liza one permanently please). That’s iconic Yankee stuff. The 4, D & B train race is fine.

I don’t mind the “Under the Cap Game” and have found myself standing up holding 1,2 or 3 fingers in the air upon its completion. Hell, even the grounds crew YMCA thing is ok…I suppose. But Cotton Eye Joe and the gentleman dancing to that song can take the 7 train over to Citi Field TAH DAY!

The new stadium already has the nice new mall feeling. The Hard Rock Café, NYY Steak and the disaster that is the Mohegan Sun make it worse. It’s like MTV’s Jersey Shore Cast moved in out there with awful, tacky music. “Beat the beat up” elsewhere, bro.

This post isn’t much on substance, but then again neither is Cotton Eyed Joe. Where did he come from? Where did he go?! WHO GIVES A DAMN!! I pray he doesn’t return.

Oh and by the way…NO WAVE! EVER!!

** I mean what’s next? How cheesy do we want to go here?**


 --Mike O'Hara
Senior "Features" Writer
Twitter: @mikeyoh21

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