Friday, November 21, 2014


Just a quick note, and then a suggestion as to what happens if Raul Ibanez doesn't get chosen for the Rays Manager's job.

It's being reported by Marc Topkin of the Tampa Bay Times... the Rays have some finalists:
So what does this mean to a Yankee fan? Well, a lot. You need to root against the Rays on this one. 

We love Raul, but selfishly ,we don't want him getting the Rays gig.  Why you ask? If he doesn't, I would suggest it is then that the Yankees sign Raul as their hitting coach.  Why else would they be waiting as long as they have? Don't forget, the Yankees were supposed to announce a hitting coach right around the World Series ... read THE YANKS WILL PICK A HITTING COACH BY TUESDAY for that. That was October 18th, and that never happened, and then it was suggested that Raul was "intrigued" by the Yankees hitting coach job. Then... radio silence.

It's a gut feeling ladies and gentlemen... let's see what happens. Black Friday Exclusives Sneak Preview 

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