Thursday, November 20, 2014


The Yankees have holes that need to be filled.  We need a solid Shortstop, a third baseman, a second baseman and a hitting coach. And then, if there's time, we'll go to Bed, Bath and Beyond... er... I mean, then maybe we get Nick Swisher to back up Mark Teixeira at first base... ONLY IF THERE'S TIME! 

Sorry, I watched Old School last night.

Here's the reality.  Nick Swisher was a solid player for the New York Yankees, but we have other priorities and back up first baseman is NOT one of them.

If I had to choose, I'd bring up Greg Bird to play backup first base. Some will say he's not ready. I'll say, they always say that. Then the prospect moves on and becomes something somewhere else. Why? Because the Yankees never gave them a solid shot.  My plan for Bird would be to groom him and you get him ready for the Bigs, and when Mark Teixeira gets hurt in 2015, because you know he will, then you get Bird some at bats and you play him.

(In Photo: Greg Bird)
What will the Yankees do instead? They'll wait too long to bring him up or they'll sign a big money first baseman, or a back up named Nick Swisher, and we'll never see Bird. We don't need that.   And that's the biggest problem with the New York Yankees. We sign guys for big money, and the kids never get a shot because big money is tied up in these free agents or "top" traded players.  Stop the madness!  You know and I know that bringing Nick Swisher back is freaking silly.  And if you want to tell me that Nick would be an extra outfielder too, I say this.... REALLY?  He was a terrible outfielder when we had him.  We just signed Chris Young for our 4th outfielder.  If we need a fifth, sign a better outfielder... sign Ichiro (If he's willing to come back.) Or, again, bring up a kid and groom him!

Look, the rumor about a Swisher reunion with the Yankees on it's surface... is all nice and fuzzy.  But when you really think about it... it's kinda dumb.

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