Saturday, November 8, 2014


....besides the Yankees, of course.

It has been rumored that "at least 6 teams" are interested in signing him. I guess we can't be too surprised, we know how amazing David Robertson was for us this year. He deserves all of the attention, but which teams are out there trying to lure him away from us?

This week we wrote SOURCE: METS WANT DROB FOR LEADERSHIP & "TOP" CLOSER and I must admit just the thought of this made me squirm. I don't think I could function if that happened. Now I can see the stars aligning here and I wouldn't be surprised if the Detroit Tigers also chased after him.

This season the Detroit Tigers looked really strong on paper. They had a great rotation and when they added David Price I was sure they were going to finally get to the postseason and give everyone a run for their money. As good as the starting rotation was though, the bullpen was a weak spot and Joe Nathan's disappointing season definitely didn't help matters. The bullpen needs help, and it may be time to add a young, reliable closer....enter Robertson.

But the Tigers are not the only team who have their eye on Robertson. The Chicago Cubs are also rumored to be interested in luring him to Chicago. I think the new addition of Joe Maddon as manager also makes an interesting perspective here. Maddon is very familiar with Robertson as the Rays Manager. He knows what Robertson can bring to the table, so I wouldn't be surprised if they do push for him. The Cubs also have some money that they can spend this winter, so maybe they will try to make a splash and sign Robertson.

One interesting thing that comes to mind here, is every "rumor" piece that I have seen about both the Mets and the Cubs talk about finding a leader. Even the Mets piece we published mentions leadership. Obviously, Robertson has more to offer than just  his pitching ability, he can help lead a team, especially teams that are in rebuilding mode.

That being said, aren't we looking for leadership too? Next season Derek Jeter will not be on the field so he can develop into a leader for us here. If leadership is enticing, then who am I or anyone else to get in his way? But there is one thing to remember here. The Mets and the Cubs are rebuilding. The Yankees are too but not the same way but we have postseason expectations every season. Who knows what the real story is here yet....but we will definitely be following this and keep you all updated as the rumor mill heats up!

 --Jeana Bellezza, BYB Senior Writer and Editor
Twitter: @NyPrincessJ

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  1. Gonna be a busy off season, Hoping Drob stays a Yankee.


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