Sunday, November 2, 2014


LEY.  Chase Headley.  I want him on the Yankees next season.  Seriously.

Don't mind that girl GIF. I was trying to be funny with the headline and Headley's name.  It was probably an epic fail. There's only so much you can do sometimes on a blog to try and make a joke.  Oh well... life goes on... don't hate me.

Back to the post at hand.  I know that Chase Headley likes the Yankees.  I also know the Yankees like Chase Headley.  Here's the thing... and George King III of the New York Post put it together brilliantly... we have a situation, and that situation is ARod AND whether or not the Yankees are ready to spent huge dollars on Pablo Sandoval.  It's a big situation, and let's be honest... Chase Headley doesn't need to wait around.

According to King:

"...there are questions to be answered on each side of the situation.

Where Hal Steinbrenner will set general manager Brian Cashman’s budget is high on the list, but a bigger factor could be what fellow free agent and postseason stud Pablo Sandoval gets from the Giants or somebody else.

Then there is the question of Alex Rodriguez. Headley would be foolish to commit to the Yankees without knowing what the team’s plans are for Rodriguez. And the club might not know until after full spring training.

Though the Yankees don’t appear to be in on Sandoval — whose strong postseason probably put the 28-year-old, switch-hitter in the five-year, $90 million neighborhood — it is hard to ignore what the Giants third baseman has done in the postseason, in which the Yankees haven’t participated the past two years."

Now the reason why I like Headley are a few reasons.  He's cheaper than a Sandoval and I love his defense. I also love the energy he brought when he was with the Yanks for that short time this season. It was electric.  He comes up in the clutch.  What did he have, like 3 walk-offs in the Bronx? Plus, you need to assume that 40 year old ARod can't play 3rd base every day anymore, even though reports are he's been working out like a monster all season That being said, assume Alex can't play 3rd alot.  That's where Headley comes in. 

No doubt he'll play 3rd more than ARod, with Alex most likely DHing a lot. Remember we need Alex's bat more than his fielding. Headley can handle that.  Then, on that occasion ARod does play, put Headley in as Designated Hitter.  All I'm saying is Headley shouldn't be shy about wanting to come back to New York.  Many of us welcome him.  The Yanks shouldn't be shy about wanting him back either.

We will definitely need to see how this plays out.  I do NOT see the Yankees signing Sandoval. Then again... they don't want the Red Sox signing him either.  We'll just have to see.

As far as my "Head" joke... that's all it was. A joke. 

Was it funny? Yes? No? OK... whatever man...

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