Sunday, November 23, 2014


A lot of you have reached out to me privately today... emails and text asking...  "You OK?"

I'm flattered... and I'm fine. Other than a bad head cold, all is well.  Thank you for asking.

I made a decision when I woke up this morning and Yankee news was slow.  I was going to relax.  It was weird.  Normally, I wake up, put our morning stories together and put them out for the BYB audience to see.  Today it didn't happen and some of you were concerned. I didn't mean to freak you out. I just needed a break.  Besides, there isn't much Yankee news going on anyway.

I swore to you all that if there were good Yankee nuggets, you'd hear about it here.  Guess what... the nuggets were slim this morning.  So instead of me having my coffee and getting right to my computer... here's how my day went:

I woke up alittle before 8.  I went to the bathroom and brushed my teeth.  I was tired, I should have slept in, but 8 am is actually sleeping in for me.  My day normally starts at 6.

A knock on the door. "Daddy?"

I opened it.

"I have to go potty."

It was my 5 year old. He was dancing.  I let him in.  After that, it was downstairs to the coffee machine.

"Dad... do you want watch TV with me?"

I starred at my coffee cup as it poured from the Keurig.  I smiled and looked at him... "I do."

For the next hour, we watch America's Funniest Home Videos and laughed together until my other kids got up.  For the next 2 hours, the marathon continued.  At one point all 6 of us were lounging on the couch... laughing, and wrapped up in pillows and blankets on a couch not made for that many people.  It was Sunday... it was family... and for the rest of the day, it was just fun.

We played Minecraft  and I have no idea what I'm doing.  "Dad! Get in the house, the zombies are coming!"

There are zombies apparently.... I didn't know.

I hung a mirror, a big mirror.  Not only did I hang it, but I didn't screw it up on the newly painted walls.  Cross one off on the Honey Do List.

I blew my nose about 700 times, my nose is now chapped. but if I drink enough fluids and rest, maybe this thing will pass.

We ate Spaghettios together. I haven't had Spaghettios in years.  I think I like Spaghettios again.

And now, as the day reaches 4:40pm... I write to my other family... my BYB family, just to say... I had fun today.

Yup, I needed a day off. I didn't feel too good and to be honest, I kind of wanted to hang with the family today.  I learned a few new things about my little guys, and at the same time, I learned to slow down a bit.  Normally, Sunday's my day on BYB.  But not today.  Today... I needed to step back, just so we can move forward again... a recharging of the battery... or something.

You know us at BYB.  We're family first and I enjoyed mine today.  Obviously if there's Yankee news, you'll read it here, but there isn't any, and so, we didn't report any! That's always been our thing, and luckily for me today, the planets aligned just right.

Thanks for understanding...

I hope you enjoyed your Sunday as much as I enjoyed mine...

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