Monday, November 3, 2014


It's good to have a relationship with the YES Network...

We just got word that David Wells will be on Michael Kay's Centerstage tonight!

The best part that I noticed was more info on that world famous perfect game that Boomer pitched on May 17, 1998.  Was Boomer blasted or hungover that day? We've heard the rumors. We've heard David say he was, then he said he wasn't.  Then he said he was hungover.  What was it?

Well... check out this sneak peak:

"I went to dinner with my son the night before the perfect game, and then went to the Saturday Night Live show. Marcy Klein (SNL producer), just started antagonizing me. She was egging me on, saying, “Hey, you know, why don’t you come to the after-party, they're fun.” I’m like, “Well, I gotta pitch tomorrow.” She goes, “Well, Dennis Rodman came to a party, (and afterwards) he had his best game ever.” Before you know it, one, two (o’clock in the morning), and then (SNL cast members) Jimmy Fallon and Seth Meyers, the boys come over, and it just turned into one of them nights. 

I came in (got home) about 5:30 (Sunday morning). It was… I don't know, about 10:30 (a.m.) when I woke up.  And I avoided everybody (upon arriving at Yankee Stadium). I went in the massage room. I felt ill. When I was warming up, I was throwing curve balls, and they were, like, 49 feet. So I got mad, and I threw two balls out of the stadium. And Mel Stottlemyre (then the Yankees pitching coach) would just go, “Boomer, you're alright.” I turned around, I said, “Don’t patronize me,” I said, “It’s not alright.  I’m struggling right now.” (As he is walking in) I’m in front of Mel, and then I hear Joe (Torre, then Yankees manager) say, “How’d he throw?”, and he (Stottlemyre) goes, “He did good.”  I turn around, and I start yelling at Mel. I went to my locker, just regained my composure, walked out, and that (the perfect game) happened."

I love this stuff.  It's nuggets like this that I love reading about! Great job from Michael Kay for getting the real story out of Boomer! 

Anyway, be sure to check out Centerstage tonight, November 3rd at 10:30pm eastern time.  It's immediately following the Nets - Oklahoma City post game show. 

Special thanks to YES Network for getting this to us here at Bleeding Yankee Blue!

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