Tuesday, November 25, 2014


I've stated the obvious. With Pablo Sandoval signing with the Red Sox, the Giants are in need of a 3rd baseman. Well, the Yankees need one too.  That means the Yankees need to act... NOW!  Before Pablo signed, it was logical to think Chase Headley could be bought for 2 years in the Bronx. But not anymore.

It was also smart for Chase to not sign before a big free agent like Pablo did. Now Headley sees the market... and now the Yankees need to re-adjust.  They may not want to... but they must!

Joel Sherman of the New York Post writes something very interesting... and something you may have already read on BYB:

"The Red Sox’s signing of Pablo Sandoval for five years at $95 million likely puts the team Sandoval abandoned, the Giants, in play for Headley, too, and raises Headley’s financial demands. The Yankees began the offseason – perhaps naively – thinking Headley might be secured on a two-year deal... But Sandoval’s deal means Headley gets at least three years, and no one should be surprised if he reaches four years in the $60 million range."

Couple that with news that the Indians are looking at Chase as well. MLB.com says:

"The Indians are among several teams who have shown an interest in free-agent third baseman Chase Headley, according to a source."

Does it all sound crazy? Not to me it doesn't. Chase can demand a pay day and I say, the Yankees need to jump in, regardless of what Hal Steinbrenner thinks he can afford. Sure, we need a shortstop, DRob and Brandon McCarthy... but we also need a 3rd baseman, and while the idea of $60 million and 4 years sounds alittle ridiculous, think about it this way;

ARod will soon be fazed out of the 3rd base role, and a guy like Chase could fit in there nicely, maybe even by the time Dante Bichette Jr is ready to come to the Bigs.  The point is, you don't want to lose out on Chase... he was a good egg in the short amount of time he was in New York, and for me personally... I'd hate to see that end.

So yeah, there is a concern, a big one if you like Headley like I do.  There is also an urgency ladies and gentlemen.  We need Chase... and I feel like we should just bite the bullet and go for it.

Wake up Cash... wake up.

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