Monday, November 10, 2014


Everyone is up in arms with David Robertson declining the qualifying offer of  $15.3 million coming from the Yankees.  All I have to say is, I didn't expect anything other than this. Here's why:

First off, it hardly puts DRob in a position to suddenly have the Yanks turn their back on him. The Yankees know this is business, and DRob knows it is too.  David can still negoiate a new contract with the Yanks... it ain't over, and trust me the 2 parties will come to the table at some point.

Plus, let's face it... David is a free agent, he also has the right to reach out to clubs and club have the right to reach out to him and offer a contract.  In other words, David can in fact test the waters and see what's out there to better his family life... stability... more money, more years.

One thing that should be in the back of his mind though... if he truly loves being a Yankee like I know he does, David doesn't want to overshot. I mean, it's not like the Yankees have no backup plan in the closer role. I mean, Dellin "Icky Thumps" Betances is right there waiting. He's also pretty ready. 

Couple that with the Yankees definitely eyeing a guy like Andew Miller, and that's your new closer team if David Robertson decides that New York is no longer a home for him.

I suspect that Robertson will in fact come back to the Bronx. \But instead, he'll try and push to get a few more years and a few extra dollars in his pocket.  Most players would do this... this is not a surprise ladies and gentlemen...

Carry on.

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