Saturday, November 29, 2014


Good for the Blue Jays to snag 3rd baseman Josh Donaldson from the Oakland A's.  It was reported last night that that happened.  Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports was the first to report it... making sure he was NOT scooped by a 13 year old this time, and good  for him:
I received a text from someone that told me that Jeff Samardzija may have been part of this deal as well last night.  I was relieved to find out after making a call that that was not the case. 

But there is no question that the Blue Jays have a good ballplayer in Donaldson, plus he's a third baseman... plus, he's young with a ton of upside...

And as we watch the Red Sox and Blue Jays build to be competitors in the American League East... you have to wonder what the hell the Yankees are doing?  I have a theory.

I've said this before, because it appears to be their MO.   The Yankees have a plan. That's all I got.  That's right... I went there.  That was followed last night by my fellow Yankee fans growing equally as impatient as I am:

Good dialog, a ton of speculation, some good suggestions... and it always ends with "Hal or Brian's a Moron."  I will not go that far, but I will tell you, I get it 100%.  When moves aren't made, even smart, small moves that Cashman could clearly make... Yankeeland goes crazy.

I would suggest that the Yankees are going to make 1 big move, but I am unclear of what that is. It could be Max Scherzer.  It could be Troy Tulowitzki. It could be Gio Gonzalez, a lefty and a guy I would LOVE to have in New York.  Whatever it is, I think something's coming.

Couple that with the fact that I believe that the Yankees are trying to be extra smart with our youth.  They hear the message. They know the fans want our kids to have a chance.  Whether they'll stick to that is anyone's guess, but I think they are doing their best to NOT trade everyone away.
I hope so Laurie.

Think about it... if they make a trade and give away the kids, we bitch and moan... but if they don't do anything... well, we bitch and moan.  They really can't win.

As a fellow fan, just know that the Donaldson trade is significant and I am impatient just like you. We needed a 3rd baseman, that clearly should have been our guy!  It may have been a trade we could have made, but we'll never know now.  All I can suggest is we be patient the best we can. 

In my gut, I feel like something is going to happen in Yankeeland.   If I get a sense of what that is, I'll write about it. But don't lose hope... we are still the Yankees after all.

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