Friday, November 14, 2014


I have a friend named Joanie.  She's a great chick and she's a reader of BYB. Oh yeah ,she also happens to be a huge Yankee fan.

Well, she reached out to me when the Francisco Cervelli for Justin Wilson trade went down the other night and I asked her to tell the story she told me to all of you.  And so, here it is in a guest post on BYB.  Enjoy it and good luck in Pittsburgh, Cisco!

"It was November 2011. I participated in CC and Amber Sabathia’s first Annual CC Challenge. It's a Scavenger Hunt in Central Park, to benefit their PitCChin Foundation. I know you've written about it on Bleeding Yankee Blue before (HERE). It's a great cause, and I wanted to help out. Plus, it was really fun!

 (Photo: Photo from the actual event, November 2011)
Anyway, the night before the main event, both CC and Amber threw a "Rules" Party for all of the participants at CANZaciti Roadhouse in New York City.  To my surprise, the guest bartenders were CC and Amber and even more! Tiki Barber was there! So was basketball star, Drew Gooden and one of my all-time favorite Yankees, Francisco Cervelli.  

(Photo: Photo from the actual event, November 2011)
After showing off their drink making skills, the bartenders started making and doing shots with the fans as well!   Although I’ve never been a drinker and I was driving that night (I’m always the designated driver), I never had the desire to do a shot before that night. I kind of felt left out and these Yankees were all around me! I sat there thinking, "How could I NOT do 1 shot tonight!" 

I figured out a plan. Every time CC or Tiki gave me a shot, which were all clear, I secretly poured out the shot, and refilled the shot glass with water!  I clinked glasses with CC and Tiki and could tell all my friends I did shots with New York Yankee, CC Sabathia! 

(Photo: Photo from the actual event, November 2011)
After doing three water shots, Francisco slides down to my end of the bar.  Before I know it, he’s pouring an actual alcohol shot in my mouth!  I made it through all the years of peer pressure, but Francisco changed all of that!  For someone who never had a need to drink or brag about how much I drank, I was pretty proud, as were my "alcoholic" friends, to tell the story about how New York Yankee catcher, Francisco Cervelli actually poured my first shot! 

Needless to say, my friends were a little jealous that in my 48 years, I never succumbed to their pressures. It’s a special moment with Cervelli I’ll never forget. But not only that, I will never forget the grit, the hustle and heart of Francisco Cervelli!  He will truly be missed. Thanks for the memories, Frankie."

Thanks Joanie. I loved the story and we'll make sure Frankie gets this... we'll send it to him on Twitter!

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