Tuesday, October 7, 2014


With everything we've learned from 2014... with old age, with lack of solid offense all season, the rumor that the Yankees would be looking into someone like Pablo Sandoval  could seem strange. Here's why:

While I love watching both he and a guy like Victor Martinez play (Read YOU CAN'T FIX AN OLD LINEUP WITH MORE OLD PLAYERS) , The truth is... on paper, the Yankees HAVE the bats... we just haven't put it all together.

Pablo Sandoval is a third and sometimes first baseman.  In 2015, the Yankees are relying on Alex Rodrgiuez to come back. OK, now, that being said, ARod most likely can't give the Yankees 162 games at third.  OK fine, in reality, we knew that already.  He's got 2 bad hips, he's older and he sat out 2014.  There's alot stacked against him.  But here's the reality of it... why not just keep Chase Headley? He's a solid third baseman and my thinking is he might be a cheaper alternative.  Am I right? Maybe, maybe not.

The youth movement is something we've been talking about all season.  Many Yankee players are old.  Ichiro Suzuki, Mark Teixeira is broken down and aging in front of our eyes and old man ARod is returning. Plus we have Carlos Beltran.

Seeing a guy like Jose Pirela show up was nice to see, and something I'd like to see more of.  So, the idea of a 28 year old Pablo Sandoval coming to New York could be a breath of fresh air, especially compared to a 30 year old Headley.  Is there much of a difference?

Well, personally, I love watching Headley play. I think he's one of the most solid 3rd baseman out there.  I just don't know what the Yankees are thinking.

Sandoval this season, he played 157 games.  He had 16 homers and 73 RBIs.  Despite his size, he's durable and young-ish.

Headley batted .262 with 6 homers and 17 RBIs when he came to New York. Overall this season he batted .243 in 135 games. He also hit 7 homers while in San Diego, which gives me the impression that maybe playing in New York may have given him alittle extra drive.  He looked good in the short time he was in New York.  He impressed with a few walk off clutch performances, but most importantly, his glove is dynamic.

The latest news about Headley comes from Jon Heyman: "There are strong indications the Yankees may have interest in bringing back Chase Headley, and if so, that what would appear to signify real concerns over Alex Rodriguez's ability to be the team's starting third baseman going forward

Should the Yankees sign Headley (or someone else for third base), it would seem that Rodriguez's more likely main role would be that of a designated hitter."

The Sandoval rumor comes from Brendan Kuty of NJ.com who quotes Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe: 

"Could the Yankees pursue third baseman Pablo Sandoval? They could, according to a report from the Boston Globe's Nick Cafardo, who says the Yankees might be among three teams — including the Red Sox and Dodgers — who might be willing to offer the 28-year-old $100-million, five-year deal.

The report said the best move for Sandoval's might be to put him in the American League, where he could shift to DH later in his career...The Yankees could have a third base opening."

Well, what does it all mean? Not much. I mean, Brendan's incorrect when he writes that the Yankees have 3rd base open.  ARod is the Yankees third baseman. The question is, can he still play it?  Assuming he can, the best case scenario is to also sign Chase Headley.  This way we have a rotation of Headley and ARod at 3rd and DH.  Why spend 5 years, $100 million on Pablo Sandoval if you're going to part-time him? Unless of course, the Yankees have it in their mind all along that Alex Rodriguez will be their permanent DH.

Alot of questions and you know what? I'm not the expert with the answers. I am however a fan who's trying to cut through it and I ask you... what would you want to do?

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