Thursday, October 30, 2014


Good piece in the New York Post by Mike Puma in reference to whether or not Alex Rodriguez will be a distraction for the New York Yankees in 2015.  Mariano Rivera doesn't think so.  And you know what? We've always listened to Mariano before, we should continue to listen to him. After all, ARod's only a distraction if we make a big deal about it.

According to Puma:

"Rivera, who spent Thursday morning in midtown Manhattan, where he raised money for Ronald McDonald House as part of Bloomberg Celebrity Trading Day, said he anticipates a smooth Rodriguez-Yankees reunion.

'I don’t think it will be a distraction,' Rivera said. 'He paid his dues, he paid his suspension and he’s legitimate like the rest of the league. Hopefully he comes ready to play and does well for the team, because he has a contract. He has to be there for the team and hopefully he does well...."

Here's the thing, something that many don't realize.  Mariano and Alex are friendly. Then again, Mariano is friendly with everyone.  But growing up in the Yankees system, he knows to treat his teammates with respect. ARod was one of those guys even though it's been reported that he keeps to himself quite a bit.  Bottom line, I appreciate what Mo had to say.

One thing that rubbed me the wrong way in this article though. The suggestion about now that Mo and Derek Jeter left the Yankees on retirement... " Does that make it Rodriguez’s team?"

Really Puma? What has Alex Rodriguez truly done as a New York Yankees that would suggest that leadership role for Alex? It doesn't mean Alex can't turn into a leader, but it's also not about "who's the oldest?  Now it's your team."   Dumb. Here's about the classiest answer you could get... also from Mariano:

"I don’t know whose team it’s going to be – as long as he performs for the team.” 


That just happened.

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