Sunday, October 12, 2014


I am a woman on an island, and I am okay with that. A lot of people I know are completely over baseball now that the Yankees are off doing all things not baseball related. OK, fine but I am still watching.

Those that are watching like me have me completely confused. The overwhelming majority of people I know are rooting for Buck Showalter and the Orioles! I just don't get it....

I don't have any scientific data for this but since the Royals won the ALDS and are now up on the Orioles 2-0, that is all anyone wants to talk to me about. "Buck has a plan, don't worry" or "the Orioles can take this!" I can talk baseball all day long....but when it comes to cheering for the Orioles I am out. I can't do it, folks. Sorry.

It all started on last Sunday night. I was being the favorite daughter as my dad would put it (P.S. I am the ONLY daughter) and I stayed up super late to go pick my dad up from the airport. I am half asleep in the car and my dad starts to talk baseball. That perks me up a little. He had been gone for a week so he missed the Wild card game and didn't even know the outcome of that game. So I told him the Royals beat the Oakland A's....and he was a little sad. My dad thinks Billy Beane is a genius so he really didn't like hearing this.

Dad: So wait...the Kansas City Royals beat the Oakland A's? Get out of here!
Me: They did. They were winning at one point but they choked!
Dad: Say it aint so! Now who will I cheer for?
Me: Well....I know I am pulling for the Royals.
Dad: So the Royals are playing who now?
Me: They swept the Los Angeles Angels in 3 games so now they go to the ALCS and play the Orioles.
Dad: Oh, so they are taking on Buck Showalter?! Ok, I guess I am rooting for the O's!
Me: *mouth dropped and dumbfounded* You WHAT?!

I was suddenly very awake.

At work the next morning, I was more excited for the Royals than two of the guys in my office that are FROM Missouri. Ummm, hello?

Me: HEY, HEY, 'bout them Royals?
Co-worker: Ehhhh, I can't get too excited. We have been bad for so long.
Me: SWEPT the team with the best record in baseball. You were the underdog! How can you not be excited?
Co-worker: Honestly, I am following football more and the Orioles are probably gonna win, anyways.
Me: *dumbfounded*

Later, one of the managers hears me talking about the NLDS and chimes in.

Manager: HEY must be excited for Buck.
Me: Why would I be excited for Buck?

Manager: Seriously? He is a former Yankee Coach. It's the next best thing for you since your Yankees sucked again this year. *Mets fan laughs at me in the background*
Me: *in an outburst* I CAN'T STAND BUCK! I hope the Royals spank him and his O's.
Manager: Woah there. How can you say that? He's like your own kind.
Me: Oh no he's not. He is the past. Our own kind would not badmouth Derek Jeter, the face of baseball! Yet he did....
Manager: What are you talking about?

Me: *pulls out phone and instantly finds old news articles where Buck mocks Jeter, he skims them and laughs*
Manager: Really? There has to be some unwritten rule that it is not OK to like him, considering everything he has done for you.
Me: There has to be an unwritten rule that you don't mock a classy player like Derek Jeter. Out of all people to mock, not him. I don't see Joe Girardi throwing cheater Chris Davis under the bus.
Manager: *laughs at me* Oh and don't forget about how he helped build the Diamondbacks.

OK, Seriously? What is with the Buck Showalter love fest? I get that the trash talk is part of the game and I like that but trash talk anyone else, not Jeter. If you are an Orioles fan then Yes....good for you! I can be happy for you. However, I cannot root for Buck, and for another thing I can't root for a division rival. It makes me downright sick! Call me old school.

Call me stubborn. I am OK with that. What I won't be OK with is Buck winning the World Series. Anyone else but the Orioles.....please!

 --Jeana Bellezza, BYB Senior Writer and Editor
Twitter: @NyPrincessJ


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