Sunday, October 26, 2014


What would you do if it were your job to choose the new hitting coach for the New York Yankees?

Since Kevin Long was fired, there has been plenty of speculation and theories on who would take over.

Yankees fans, being the passionate fans we are, all have our own ideas on who we'd like to see. With Mick Kelleher gone as well, I have given it a lot of thought. Maybe the idea was in place before we had positions to fill. Admittedly, I would probably feel the same if Long was still with us. I say this... Offer the position to Tino Martinez, Jorge Posada, or Paul O'Neill.

Tino had a run at hitting coach for a while. In 2013, Tino left the Marlins after accusations of verbal abuse towards players. What actually happened is still debated, but I like to believe Tino. He asked a bunch of rookies to clean up after themselves, and they refused. He got angry and an argument ensued. Look, you play as a team, and you take responsibility for your equipment as a team. No one is above carrying in some bats and balls. We've got a history of missed opportunities. In recent years, leaving runners stranded has been our song of woe.  Tino is respected in the Bronx, and his tough love could be exactly what we need to make the change.

Posada is... well Posada. He could be an incredible asset to the club in a coaching position. This picture of him? That's Posada in a nutshell. Heart and grit. Game 7 in the 2003 ALCS and he manages to tie the game. All the emotion right there on his face. Posada knows his baseball and has an incredible passion on the field. He is known for his speeches in the club house when performances are sub par. Above all, he has something the club has been missing for some time. Posada has heart. Lots of it. Enough to spill over and motivate our lineup. And let's face it, our lineup needs serious motivation.

And then there is Paulie. Who among us doesn't love Paulie? A bad at bat made him angry enough to knock  over the Deer Park cooler in the dugout.

But you know what? He never gave up. Paulie is our warrior. He battled it out every single at bat. He was nothing but pure determination and dedication. And it was a beautiful thing to watch. It's something that our lineup needs to be reminded of. Keep grinding! Every at bat is a new opportunity to tilt the scales in our favors so grind it out. Channel your inner warrior.

Look, I understand it is unlikely to happen. Paulie has already said he doesn't want the position and I respect that. He enjoys being in the booth a few games a season. It gives him plenty of time off to spend with his family. Posada too is spending time with his family. After 16 years playing, both he and his family deserve the bonding.

Tino in the position isn't entirely outlandish. He currently works within the organization with the Fantasy Baseball camps the Yankees run out in Tampa. It could be a simple matter of relocating him to the Bronx.

Those three guys exemplify what this team needs though. The tough love, the heart and the dedication. They need a hitting coach that will get up in their faces and motivate them. RISP failure is not a song I like singing, and I do not want to continue having to sit through seasons where they quit after the first at bat. It's frustrating to watch, so I know it has to be frustrating for them as players. Someone has to light that fire under these guys again. Our lineup will not survive if there is no spark. Ideally one of those three would take the helm. Realistically, anyone that can light that flame is okay in my book. Just, please, stoke the damn fire!

--Erica Morales BYB Senior Writer 
Twitter: @e_morales1804


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