Monday, October 6, 2014


Bleeding Yankee Blue was started because there was no true websites made from fans, for the fans.  BYB was an accident, but developed into something bigger.  I'm blessed to have you all in my life and appreciate the great banter and intelligent dialog. It's refreshing.  Sometimes though, certain fans are just so out of control and think they have it all figured out. The banter becomes nasty and it's clear that you just can't reason with them.

I need to share this, partially because it's incredibly ridiculous, partially because it's downright scary. I'm concealing the person's name because I do NOT want him being harassed.  In the end, he apologized, but it doesn't take away the fact that the dude was clearly trying to be a bully and I don't appreciate it.  I also want to state that I will continue to post these types of stories when they happen, just so my audience can see what I deal with on a daily basis. Not just on social networks, but in email as well.

Just to be clear, and I've stated this numerous times on BYB. This is a fan site. We do NOT take ourselves too seriously. We are a community to go to when you want to chat about the Yankees, sports, and life.  We're big on family here. We clearly have different take on our team... anyone who's read us know this. Oh yeah... we're also big on intelligent conversation.  All I ask is that you understand that when you decide to "come at me."  Enjoy BYB... don't hate.

The following conversation was started when I posted this story: FEELING THE STING & COMING BACK STRONGER. In it, this picture below was the header. A shot of CC Sabathia and Derek Jeter. The dialog is exactly how it happens, misspellings and bad grammar and all.

Simply enough, right?



"duh................ the 2 in the picture."

"hey genious,,,,get YOUR eyes checked,,,that Teixeira next to CC"

"Want to come at me again???"

"IT'S NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


 "Because its f*****king Teixeira in the picture pal and YOU are insisting its Jeter,,,,how f******king blind are YOU???"

"Bottom line Robert----------------- CC,, Tex and Beltran NEED to go"

"swallow ALL their contracts"

"I apologize ------ YOU are right"

I don't accept that apology. I left his group. This dude's JV. All I did was post a picture of CC and Derek Jeter in my story and I received what? 5 minutes I of my time I can never get back. Amazing.

More will be coming... stay tuned.

Enjoy your day everyone.


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