Tuesday, October 28, 2014


You want a Bronx Zoo like the the 1970's with disagreements in the dugout? The Yanks should reach out to Ozzie Guilllen and see if he wants to sit with the Yankee players and break down their swings.  I'm joking of course... kind of.  I mean look, the likelihood of Guillen becoming the hitting coach in the Bronx is probably very tiny... but could you imagine that clubhouse?

There has been chatter about Guillen perhaps going to assist Joe Maddon wherever he goes, and that would probably be a good fit, both are quite zany, but smart baseball me. Anyway,  this is what Ozzie told the Chicago Sun Times:

"I’ve managed before. Economically, I’m pretty good. I just want to be back in the game...I’m not bigger than the game... There’s a lot of managers who went back to coaching after they were managers. That doesn’t mean anything. I’m not better than them. Whoever thinks I can help, if they ask me, I don’t mind doing it."

Look, stranger things have happened. There is clearly this willingness to want to come back to baseball in an assistant coach capacity. "I'm not bigger than the game." I like that. The Yanks would be fools to NOT interview Ozzie just to see how serious and committed he is. Lord knows there is nothing going on in Yankeeland and they want someone who is a step up from Kevin Long.

They should at least chat with him if nothing else.  It could be kind of fun... and a total wild card too.

Carry on...

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