Friday, October 10, 2014


Just so you know, we still have a few BYB Hoodies left, just in time for the post season that the Yankees are NOT in. Nice! That's me being a sarcastic S.O.B.

(In Photo: Danny & Nicole. 2 terrific BYB fans!)

OK. That joke's over... now let's get down to the nitty gritty...

We have reduced our prices for this last stretch of Bleeding Yankee Blue merchandise this season.
This is our bud Doug throwing on the hoodie on a nice crisp fall night just a few days ago.  Gotta love the support Doug has given BYB over the past few years.  He’s a BYB reader and huge Yankee fan. Thank you Doug! You're the best!

And here’s our buddies Lisa and Mel, both huge BYB supporters as well!  We appreciate it guys! Thank you. By the way, check out Lisa’s show Beyond the Offseason.  This is a truly touching episode below:

When we feel the love and support, we support others and that's how we operate here at BYB. We're family.

We also have a few baby onesies. They’re really cute. Each onesie is white and we have them for girls and boys... Pink and Blue lettering.  There are only a few left and we dropped the prices dramatically.

Look at this pumpkin. Adorable!

We have plenty of wristbands, all of them have been discounted as well.
Reminder, if you want your wristband to last, I suggest your get the ink-injected ones. Better quality and they don't wear out.

Oh yeah, and those bottle openers are still available too.

There’s a Casey Stengel quote on it and it's perfect for when you’re at the party and you need to open a bottle of Bud Light Lime as opposed to getting it in the can:

Look at me being all immature...

Anyway… check out the store by CLICKING HERE. Shop away and let’s try to clear out the Bleeding Yankee Blue store.   This winter I will reevaluate what worked and what didn’t and make a decision on what to order for the 2015 season.

There have been requests for kid’s T-Shirts and possibly bringing back our vintage BYB shirt from our first season in 2012. Here's our pal Molly showing that vintage Tee off!

We’ll see.

Whatever happens though, please know that we truly appreciate you all supporting Bleeding Yankee Blue in what is now our 4th year on the web.  You have made me very proud.  Thank you!

You've made BYB the fastest growing Yankees fan site in history. Now shop at the Bleeding Yankee Blue store!  Follow me on Twitter @BleednYankeeBlu and LIKE Bleeding Yankee Blue on Facebook!

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