Sunday, October 26, 2014


It's just speculation, but you can't tell me the Dodgers are very happy with Don Mattingly as their manager right now, especially because they didn't win the whole thing and especially because they've dumped a ton of money into the team and still haven't won yet.

Sure, they like Don Mattingly, but do they love Don Mattingly? I say that only because now that Joe Maddon opted out of his contract with the Tampa Bay Rays... there is no question the Dodgers would rather have a guy like Maddon at the helm than Donnie Baseball.  The reason? Experience.

I was taken by a tweet that came out from Joel Sherman of the New York Post...
It was kind of glossed over, but looking back at it now, it makes perfect sense.  "must have something lined up to leave."  Then... Maddon left, so logically, something has to be lined up, or at least in the infancy stages of it, correct?

The big question for me is this... if the Dodgers ever had the balls to pull Donnie in their office and fire him, would it ever lead Donnie back to the Bronx, maybe even as the Yankees hitting coach?   It's not exactly a stupid question. In fact, it makes perfect sense.  Sure, you can tell me that Donnie would "never go back to a bench coach, it's a demotion from manager."

Sure, I guess. But this is New York we're talking about.  Don Mattingly is a Yankee, and never exactly resonated to a national level like a Derek Jeter type.  Hell, if you talk to Dodgers fans, they don't appreciate Don Mattingly like Yankee fans appreciate him.  So the idea of him "taking a demotion" to come back makes sense.  Here's the thing though; the Dodgers would have to end the "loyalty" charade with Donnie. They've already stated publicly that Mattingly would be back in 2015 as their manager, but this is business we're talking about, and the Dodgers want to win.

I have a hunch that they're having meeting after meeting and call after call to try and figure out the best scenario to get Maddon into Dodger blue.  If that happens, there is no question in my mind that Don Mattingly would be the next Yankees hitting coach.  And let me tell you something... if this speculation is correct... my God will the Yankee fans embrace Donnie!  Why? Well, two reasons...

1. We love Donnie.  He was a great Yankee, a great teammate and a terrific hitter for years.  Who better than to help a veteran club climb out of their offense problems.

2. Donnie needs a ring.  No... not as a Dodger, but as a New York Yankee.  So the idea of him coming back to the Bronx, maybe, and possibly winning a ring in New York would make things perfect.

I know... I'm blabbing now. But I can't help but think about Maddon on the Dodgers.  And trust me... I'm not the only one. Dodger brass is thinking about it too. In fact... they're salivating over the idea.  Trust me.  I guess we'll just have to see... 

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