Sunday, October 12, 2014


OK, it's not really a dilemma... I'm being dramatic.

I was never a big fan of Chris Young... until I saw the guy bring an energy to the Yankees I haven't seen in 2014 since Yangervis Solarte and Dean Anna.  I love the believer ladies and gentlemen... I think that's been well established on BYB at this point.  So when Chris Young suggested he would be thrilled to return to the Yankees... I smiled... I like hearing stuff like that:

“I’m really happy that I did get this opportunity to come here, in this environment, in as big of a year as it’s been for the Yankees... To be surrounded by that, I’ve been able to create memories that’ll last a lifetime. Every little bit helps, for sure. I’m really grateful for that...

I got a chance to play in his last game at Yankee Stadium and I think that’s something I’ll remember forever... It’s a good story to tell your kids one day...This is a great organization.  I’ve had a great time while I was here and I’m completely open to everything.”

We were grateful to have you, Chris.

But I ask you all... how did the player that was so hyped when he was signed by the Mets, fail so horribly in Queens, only to be so electric in the Bronx? What was it and how do we bottle it so the rest of the veterans feel that inspiration in 2015?

Plus, you gotta think about the outfield situation, the 4th outfield spot, and my guy, Ichiro Suzuki. A player I loved since the Seattle Mariner days... How would he fit in in the Yankees decided to re-sign a guy like Chris Young?

You have to assume that the Yankees would only have 1 spot available for the outfield. If that's the case, I would love to sign Ichiro to a 2 year deal, allow him to closer to that 3000 hit mark, and have Young on the back burner, bringing him up from Scranton, if needed to supply that extra energy.  But would Young want that? Doubtful. Plus, you have to also assume that teams that saw Young in September understand that his Mets months were a fluke.  Young could probably go anywhere at this point... right? I know, I'm thinking out loud at this point... and rambling...

So I ask you... would you sign Chris Young as our 4th outfielder... or would it be Ichiro?  Take our poll on the BYB page.   We'll do a write up about it as soon as the poll is over and chat about the results.  I know, there is that overwhelming audience that suggests we cut guys like Young and Ichiro loose and just go younger.  I get that.  But I believe guys like Young and Ichi still have something left in the tank.

Let me know what you think.

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