Monday, October 6, 2014


Sometimes lay off is good.  It helps you regroup. He helps you recharge your battery. It helps with focus.  We didn't have the season we expected from CC Sabathia this year. Actually, it's been the past few years for CC.  Luckily for us, he's got that feeling of hopfully dominating again real soon.  I wanted to share this from the New York Post's Dan Martin.  There are some quotes from our big lug, CC... check it out:

"Never having made fewer than 28 starts in the big leagues, Sabathia discovered how much he misses competing against hitters. 'Having almost a year off has gotten the fire back in me... Having baseball taken away from me stunk. I am excited to get going... It feels good after the stem cell...It’s been feeling great. I am definitely coming back.'’’

Now, I've heard all the negative and I can't stand it.  People have harsh feelings toward CC Sabathia... "He's fat", or, "He needs to get fat again."  I can't stand fat jokes so that's immediately silly.  Some suggest he can't pitch anymore, that he's no longer an ace.  Despite what people think, I'm going with optimism.  CC is a warrior who needs a full season to turn it around. I believe in 2015, he can.

Sure, tell me I'm too close to it.  Tell me it's because BYB has a nice relationship with the Sabathias that I don't see the big picture.  Well, maybe I don't, but for now, my big picture is I back CC Sabathia.  I believe in him... because he believes in himself.

Support the guy ladies and gentlemen.  With him, Masahiro Tanaka and others, we can be successful.  Forget 2014 at this point... turn the page...

Love the fire CC... let's get going!

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