Wednesday, October 1, 2014


The Kansas City Royals won the Wild Card game against the Oakland Athletics last night in an unforgettable game.  They won 9-8 in 12 innings.  It was truly a great game. You need to tip your cap.

Then, for some strange reason, I noticed this on Twitter:
I had to respond. I mean first of all, full disclosure, we have a relationship with Brandon Steiner. He's a good guy who found a way to make money in an open market. How is that a bad thing? Secondly, isn't the whole idea of winning is to work hard and push to try and win it all? Isn't that what those 27 championships are all about?I don't understand the cheap shot and I don't understand inserting Yankee fans into the scenario. We didn't ask for it. I wrote back:
I mean, I don't get it. Why the hell are we involved?  It's just dumb.

Congrats to the Royals. The better team won last night.

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