Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Rumorville... here we come!

Jon Heyman of suggests that the Red Sox are looking at third basemen and 2 guys they like are Pablo Sandoval and Chase Headley. No doubt "people familiar with the situation" know something about this... right Jonnie?

Jon writes: "The Red Sox, in need of third base production, are prioritizing Giants postseason hero Pablo Sandoval as well as Chase Headley, according to people in the know.

Boston may also take a look at Aramis Ramirez, if he become a free agent, though he is said to fit below Sandoval and Headley. Ramirez is believed to prefer a return to Milwaukee."

OH! Big Jon changed it up on me. Now it's fancy, "people in the know."  Got it.

Look, we here at BYB have stated numerous times that we like how it feels to have Chase Headley in pinstripes. Read BRING BACK CHASE HEADLEY!  He brought an energy to the club down the stretch.  He's a gamer.  One of my buddies the other day called him "A Warrior, cut from the same cloth as Paul O'Neill." I don't necessarily agree with that, but there is no question I like Headley's drive and passion.  He wants to be there and the Yankees should not let the Red Sox get him!

And yes, there has been talk about Kung Fu Panda, but the price tag for Sandoval seems too steep.  Headley just makes better sense to me, especially if we don't really know what ARod can give us in the field.

Interesting nugget... we'll have to see how it plays out.

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