Wednesday, October 15, 2014


I guess the fact that the authorities have not made arrests or found the stolen memorabilia from the Yogi Berra Museum is just a dead story to most of the media.  Not at Bleeding Yankee Blue though.  We want to keep you in the loop on this story because many are still aggravated at the fact that people would be so disrespectful to a war veteran and terrific World Championship catcher like Yogi Berra. Yogi's sacred.  These thieves will pay.

What we know isn’t much, but there is something important, and it was reported by  Give them props. They are literally the only one who have kept talking about this break in and theft. News 12 writes this nugget:

“While investigators still work to find the thieves, experts say the robbers will have a hard time cashing in.”

Now while it’s not exactly earth-shattering and kind of obvious that an “expert” would say that, the idea is relatively fascinating to me.  I mean, these are thieves that managed to steal very, very expensive and rare memorabilia. Memorabilia that they will not be able to sell, and not be able to even show off.

So… why even steal it? You will be caught!  What are you gonna do, stick it under your bed and show it to a close friend during a party or something? Sooner or later it’s gonna creep out that you have one of the most prized possessions in baseball… Yogi Berra’s mitt, worn when he caught Don Larsen’s perfect game in the 1956 World Series.  You need to be some kind of and idiot  to think you can unload that and not have it connected to you.

Look, this story rips up my insides.  I feel terrible for Yogi, for his family and for the visitors of the Museum who come to Montclair, not only check out the NJ Jackals, but to see some terrific Yankees memorabilia and maybe even get a glimpse of Yogi walking around the halls.

These thieves will be caught, no question and when they are, Bleeding Yankee Blue will report it.  Bottom line, bad things happen to bad people. These despicable human beings are now under a microscope.

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