Tuesday, October 28, 2014


That's Charles Atlas above.  A long, long time ago, he used to advertise in magazines and newspapers and teach everyday Americans about fitness.  He was a stud, even in that pose.

These days, Mark Teixeira apparently has absolutely not upper body strength and he's sad.  And that makes BYB writer Jeana Bellezza sad, because she has a crush on him... or something. According to iSportsWeb's Teresa Galasso, Mark wants to get stronger. And for the record... he must, or Yankeeland will boo him out of the Bronx...

Teresa writes:

"The 34 year-old said himself that he didn’t have a great season this year... 'I was almost off-the-charts low on upper-body strength.'

He mentioned that he has a new work out plan this offseason and that he intends to work even harder so he can be prepared for what the 2015 season has in store. Teixeira also said that he doesn’t foresee his wrist being an issue next year. 

'I didn’t realize how weak I was upper-body,' Teixeira added. 'I’m going to be working the weights a lot harder. That will be my adjustment for this year.'"

You know what? I liked what Texieira did for us in 2009. But guess what, it's 2014 and we're going into the 2015 season and Tex is still owed a ton of money.  He needs to work now harder than ever!  More than that, he needs to produce.  Bottom line.  If he sees he needs to build strength... dammit, he better!

I leave you with an old ad of Charles Atlas:


Enjoy that.

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