Thursday, October 23, 2014


Well look, you knew Kevin Long wasn't going to be out of a job long.  Over all, he is a decent hitting coach. The problem with Long in my opinion was the hitters either didn't trust him or the veterans didn't want to listen to him.  He couldn't change stale routines and offer constructive advice that would translate to wins.  It's my opinion that he became too close to these guys.  He almost seemed like he was one of the players and not an instructor.  Again, that's my take, you may have yours.

The news is he is now the hitting coach for the New York Mets.  According to Hardball Talk, "Kevin Long has signed on with the Mets to fill the same role.

For the majority of Long’s tenure the Yankees had one of the elite offenses in baseball and overall from 2007-2014 they scored MLB’s second-most runs, but the lineup fell apart during the past two seasons due to aging and injuries."

Look, there were positive reviews.  Chris Young loved him when he came from the Mets batting .205 and suddenly he was a spark plug on the Yankees.  You could give Long alittle credit there, but I'd also give some credit to a change of scenery and the willingness to try anything to improve on Young's part.

And don't forget... Curtis Granderson was reinvented by Long and he did some good things for the Yanks when he figured his swing out.  I gave credit to Long when that happened... after all, I'm not a hater.

But that's the news... Long is with the Mets, and we Yankee fans are still wondering... who will the Yankee hitting coach be?

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