Friday, October 24, 2014


Mike O'Hara and I have become good friends.  He's a writer at BYB and a good one at that.  I have solid friendships with all my writers, but the only reason why I bring this up is to break chops and do something that I would never normally do, but I am today... because it's my friend Mike O'Hara.

Happy Birthday pal!  You do great work in everything you do. From when you did the MLB Fan Cave, to all the other ventures you power through. You're one of the good ones and one of the best writers on the web.  I'm happy that you are part of the BYB family.

Don't forget ladies and gentlemen, Mike won the first ever BEEB award at BYB.  The BEEB was an award voted on by our audience and given to your favorite writer of 2013. Mike won and wrote THANK YOU after he received it.

Anyway, I'm just proud to have such a terrific writing staff. That had to be mentioned.

For everyone out there that reads BYB, I know you know Mike O'Hara and his work.  Take a moment on Twitter or in the comments section and wish Mike a Happy Birthday.   It's what you do in a family...

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