Friday, October 17, 2014


I'm a big fan of announcer Jon Miller.  So when I heard that he called this home run last night by Travis Ishikawa to put the San Francisco Giants into the World Series, I got chills... not so much because it was Jon Miller doing the call, but because he knew exactly what he was doing with that call.  He was making it his own, but giving us alittle nostalgia as well.  Here's is Miller's call.

Then, here's the broadcast call.

Anyway... I like Miller's call better.

Ishikawa's walk off is every reason you love this great game of baseball.  And while I wasn't rooting for the Giants, how can you not tip your cap to just incredible ball playing this entire Championship series... both AL and NL.  I'm a Yankee fan. I bleed blue all year long... but I am most passionate about baseball, the big stage and understanding what shining, being clutch and climbing the mountain is all about.  That's the foundation of what BYB is all about as well. Push yourself. Try harder than the day before. Get knocked down and get back up.  In the end, find your passion, believe in yourself and you will succeed.  Don't believe me? Read us... read Erica Morales, or Jeana Bellezza.  Read Ike Dimitriadis or Mike O'Hara.  Read Steve Skinner or Alexis Garcia or Suzie Pinstripe.  Read Wolfgang Von Bunt.  Hell... read me. We stand tall knowing that defeat makes us stronger.  Stepping stones build character.  We're a bunch of individuals that have come together to create the best team on the web.  That's not me talking... that you reading daily.  We succeed... just like teams have... Like the 1998 Yankees... the Kansas City Royals... and even the San Francisco Giants.  Believe and you will win.

Here's the greatest part about believers.  The Yankees can't see them even when they're in front of their face.  Travis Ishikawa played 1 game for the Yankees in 2013. He had 2 at bats, both strikeouts.  Meanwhile, other teams ended up taking a chance on him and Ishikawa didn't give up on himself.  Last night, he walked off for the San Francisco Giants. If he gave up... that doesn't happen.  It's baseball magic.  Gotta love it.

There's not much more to say about last night's game.  The Cardinals were eliminated. The Giants were not. And now the World Series will begin next Tuesday. 

So I ask you this... even if you're not a Giants fan or Royals fan... How can you not be romantic about baseball?

I'll leave you with the Bobby Thomson home run from 1951.Another believer... God I love this game.

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