Tuesday, October 21, 2014


I just wanted to give you a quick update. In the world of the Biogenesis Scandal things are continuing to progress.

Anthony Bosch has plead guilty to illegally providing performance enhancing drugs to high profile athletes. He know faces up to 10 years in prison. His sentence is suspected to be reduced due to his cooperation with the MLB and prosecutors. According to ESPN, his attorney, Guy Lewis said

"He was faithful in terms of appearing each and every time he was requested to. Each and every time he appeared, answered questions and was available."

Earlier this year, Bosch and six others were arrested, and charged with conspiracy to distribute testosterone to baseball players, including some high school aged children. US District Judge Darrin P. Gayles, who initially revoked Bosch's $100,000 bail twice due to failed drug test, has agreed to release Bosch with several new conditions, including a drug treatment program.

This is part of the case that involved the DEA investigating the distributors of these drugs. The MLB has said that they would come to the aid of Bosch, given that he helped them build a case against Alex Rodriguez. I understand that Bosch cooperated with them, but I fail to see how putting the reputation of the league on the line for a man that distributed drugs to minors will help the image of the MLB. It's bizarre, naive, and kind of out right stupid. Still, if the MLB is true to their word, they will indeed help reduce Bosch's 10 year sentence
Though with former Florida Department investigators, Jerome Hill's allegations that the MLB hindered (Read FLORIDA INVESTIGATOR SAYS MLB HINDERED HIS INVESTIGATION), rather than helped this case progress, I'm not sure how much the MLB involvement would help Bosch.

Bosch's sentencing is set for Dec 18th.

--Erica Morales BYB Senior Writer 
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