Tuesday, October 7, 2014


Yasiel Puig is benched for Game 4.  Is this a smart move? Well... we shall see.

The truth about Don Mattingly is this; He's a New York Yankee and he'll always be a New York Yankee.  He's OUR guy, but he's not so much a fan favorite in all of baseball like say, a Derek Jeter. I just don't think Mattingly resonates nationally like Jeet did. That's my humble opinion... I'm not looking for a debate...

Now yes, I think there are certain traits that in the 80's and 90's, there were may kids in say, Chicago or Phoenix and definitely in Indiana, that really liked Donnie Baseball.  But in New York... he was loved and he'll always be loved.  So, when my friend Mikey sent me this story a few moments ago, I smiled, because he loves Donnie.

He loves the idea of Donnie Baseball making a statement as a big league manager in the NLDS and benching a slumping Yasiel Puig.  Here's the story... check it out from ESPN:

" Yasiel Puig is not in the Los Angeles Dodgers' lineup for Game 4 Tuesday against the St. Louis Cardinals in the NLDS.

Puig is 3-for-12 in the series, but has struck out eight times, including a stretch of seven straight at-bats.
Dodgers manager Don Mattingly said Puig is healthy, but the move to bench the 23-year-old 'gives us the best chance to win today.'"

As a player, Puig wants to be in the lineup, no question. The guy is mad talented too.  If the Dodgers win tonight, it will be very interesting to check out the statistics and determine if his replacement did the job or if the team collectively did it.  Whatever the case... we as Yankee fans like to see Donnie play manager... I just think many of us would like to see him as the Yankees manager.

Anyway... it will be interesting. Just thought I'd share. I know I'll be watching tonight.

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