Monday, October 13, 2014


I am always a fan of solid fan banter when it comes to BYB and our audience. That's why we are here and you guys get it. I love that!

I wanted to share this great discussion between some of our readers and our writer Steve Skinner. The dialog too place after we posted his terrific piece REPLACING DEREK JETER.  The discussion surrounded Stephen Drew and his possible future with the Yankees.  Check it out:

Mister D writes:

"I am always, always, always in favor of giving kids a shot, and am not in favor of bringing back Drew, but arguing as the devil's advocate: Drew had an uncharacteristically down season. He should rebound, and can likely be had on a cheap, 1 year deal. The Yankees clearly have other holes to fill, and shortstop will be one of the hardest. 

With JJ Hardy signed, and Hanley a risky and expensive FA alternative, there don't seem to be many good, safe options for them. They can live with mediocrity at one position, and Drew can act as a placeholder while they shore up their problems in other places. At the very least he can play Tony Womack and provide insurance for Pirela. 

If Pirela works out, they can release or trade Drew with little regret."

Steve Skinner writes:

"I have to disagree with you. The last time Drew played in 150 games was 2010. Since then, he's managed to hit .250 twice. Uncharacteristically down season? I think it's more like a trend for him. A. He's not going to put in a full season and B. He's not going to hit his weight. How much longer do you think we need to wait? Pirela is 24. What more does he have to prove in the minor leagues? Honestly, the Yankees lineup is not strong enough to carry a player who is basically an automatic out at the plate. Pirela at least has a ceiling...Drew's has come and gone... "

Todd Stanfield writes:

"Steve; this is a great piece and I wholeheartedly agree that this is what Cashman should do. I would rather see him do this and fail than spend all those millions on dried up prunes and fail."

Steve Skinner writes:

" Thank you for the comments and compliment. I truly appreciate it and hope that Cashman now realizes his need to change..."

That's just good, smart conversation and most of all respectful.  I appreciate Mister D and Todd commenting and I loved  this piece by Skinner.  Good work all around.

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