Thursday, October 23, 2014


Not sure if you guys read Doug Williams of  He and Lou DiPietro do a good job.  But Doug made me smile today.

He has a piece out called What the Yankees rotation should look like in 2015 and in it, he writes the following:

"1. Masahiro Tanaka

It's no secret that any season that doesn't include October baseball is considered a failure in the Bronx. But given the injuries to the Yankees' rotation in 2014, it's a miracle that they were even playing relevant baseball in September."

All true, and very interesting, isn't it? Here's my take:

There is no question that the Yankees need 1 power arm in the rotation in 2015.  Jon Lester is my top choice, but will money do the talking or will he stay loyal to the Red Sox and go back?  There's been a ton of chatter that he would.

You also have to consider a gamer like Max Scherzer who will no doubt expect a pay day.  Here's the difference though... If I'm the Yankees, I go hard to get the lefty.  Lester needs to be paid what he wants. We need to keep him from going back to the Red Sox, and we need that Lefty to couple with Sabathia in the rotation.

Williams mentions Pineda as the #3. I love that idea. Pineda has proved he's a big game pitcher, without pine tar.  Sabathia as the number 4 guy works wonders for this rotation, but is probably a shot to his ego and I get that.  But ultimately, CC would make the most of it and probably doesn't care about being #4 in the rotation... he cares about winning and if this rotation works with him 4th, so be it.

Brandon McCarthy MUST be signed.  He's great and was a breath of fresh air last season.  Between he and Shane Greene and Chris Capuano... they did a helluva job when none of us expected it.

Sure, you're asking about Greene, David Phelps and Ivan Nova, right?   Well, this is what I think will happen.  As much as I love Phelps in the starting role, he may need to take a relief role if we snatched up Lester.  It's nothing personal, I like him... it's business.

As far as Shane Greene goes, there is no question he was great for us, but they may have to send him back down just to call him back up if someone needs rest or gets hurt.  As far as Ivan Nova goes, well, Tommy John Surgery is serious, and yes, he'll recover fine, but will he be back to normal come the Spring? How much time will he need?  We don't know... we'll have to see.

Anyway, I just wanted to point out a great piece by Williams, and alot of questions answered with that rotation. 

So, let me ask you? How do you like it? Do you agree? Comment.

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