Friday, October 31, 2014


The 2014 MLB season is officially in the books. Hats off to the World Champion San Francisco Giants on winning their 3rd title in the last 5 years. Are they a dynasty? I would say they are pretty darn close. Look, as Yankee fans we equate dynasties to the Pinstriped run of the late 1990’s and 2000s. Could the Giants hang with those clubs? I don’t see it, but I’m admittedly biased. The 1998 club for example…no, sorry Buster, you and your buddies up in the Bay can’t touch that crew of Bronx Bombers.

The bottom line is that the Giants play great team baseball. They get timely hits. They play smart on the base path and the can pitch…Bumgarner was OUTSTANDING! That guy was hands down the MVP. The entire Giants team earned that title and did it the right way…they worked for it.

I’d also like to tip my cap to the Kansas City Royals. They are a great group of young players and will be back in my opinion. As long as they continue to make smart moves and keep their homegrown guys in Royal Blue. They are a fun club to watch (when not playing the Yanks of course). It was a great World Series.

The question is what do the rest of us who don’t root for the Giants get out of this? In the Bronx we got to send off our beloved Captain. It would have been great to see him take his final bow in the Fall Classic, but all the same it was a nice swan song for Derek Jeter. Hey, only one team can win it all so the rest of us have to look for something good to take away from the disappointment of not getting that ring. Chin up Baseball Fans around the country! YOU! UP IN BAHSTIN! Crack a smile, kid! Hey dere pail on duh Nort side! Open an Old Style and celebrate! Yo brah! Dude, cheer up out there in LA, dawg! We all have something to feel stoked about! Don’t be so down in the mouth, partner! Even down south you can still feel good I reckon! Why? BECAUSE BUD SELIG IS OUTTA HERE!

That’s right the warlock that stood watch over the game has finally left the building. I have made no secret that I have never thought much of the former (feels great to type that) commissioner. He ran the game like a corrupt administration. If there was a scandal they covered it up like no other. If they didn’t like a player they’d scapegoat him while championing another who paid homage to the crown of King Bud. I’d rehash the steroid era, but we ALL know that story. When it was profitable for him Selig didn’t know anything about it, and when it made him look bad he “cleaned up” the game. I had just about enough of Bud 5 years ago, but like the ego maniacal clown he is, Bud stuck around…WAY PAST HIS WELCOME!

Now will Rob Manfred, the man that will succeed “BUD The Not So GREAT”, be a much better commissioner? I don’t have that answer. I will give him a chance, but I think he served in the Selig Regime long enough to epitomize the Who’s classic lyric, “MEET THE NEW BOSS! SAME AS THE OLD BOSS!” I guess time will tell.

If nothing else we won’t have to listen to Bud and his self-righteous nonsense any longer. We won’t have to stomach the likes of Joe Buck paying tribute to the man who always put himself before the game. I feel that like the Hall of Fame vote, players and former managers should hold the reigns on the American Pastime. There should be a select committee that decides who goes to Cooperstown and who does not. The Sport writers can get bent. They should have ZERO say in that process in my opinion. And when it come to the big office at MLB headquarters in New York…well, I think a Joe Torre, Tony LaRussa or maybe even a Derek Sanderson Jeter should occupy that position.

Take care, Bud. We won’t see you in 2015 and that is something we can all look forward to!

** Nobody says it better than the late, great Ray Charles! **

 --Mike O'Hara
Senior "Features" Writer
Twitter: @mikeyoh21

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