Tuesday, September 2, 2014


The Yankees have designated Zoilo Almonte for assignment.  In addition to that, Matt Daley has been released.  Once again, Bleeding Yankee Blue writer Jeana Bellezza will be aggravated and ask, "Why?" and with that, I'm sure her next piece will include names like Brandon Laird and Ronnier Mustelier and once again pushing the youth movement in the Bronx. I agree with her. 

It's just madness. I believe in Almonte. I also believe Almonte will be a big help for the Yankees one day. They just need to keep the guy with the big club long enough so he can blossom.
But look, the reality is, Zoilo and Daley moves have to do with the fact that September call ups are here and with that, the following names have been called up:

Preston Claiborne
John Ryan Murphy
Chase Whitley
Bryan Mitchell
Antoan Richardson
Chaz Roe
Rich Hill
Chris Young
All the youngsters listed should have an invite, plus I believe Almonte shouldn't have moved anywhere. But I guess for the argument of moving around personnel, logically, moving down someone like Almonte makes sense in that regard.  I don't get Rich Hill... I don't think I ever will. I thought by now he would have been released.  Roe could help, and no... Chris Young doesn't belong there either.

That being said... don't get crazy, it will all work out.  I promise... maybe.

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  1. Fire Cashman, harmfully running the organization is the only way to describe it. I don't need to know if it's intentionally, it just doesn't make any sense. It all started with the Thornton throw away. He must be thinking of being fired, it's simply a horrendous job he's doing. Throwing away Zoilo with a 40 year old Ichiro in complete decline boggles any mind. Doing it while also picking up a Mets cast off for the OF is ludicrous. Promoting Hill is crazy.


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