Thursday, September 11, 2014


This is a stuffed image of Derek Sanderson Jeter... or at least it's supposed to be.  I was in the Yankee store today... just casually looking around.  I saw it and I gasped in horror.

Honoring Derek Jeter is a great thing.  There are terrific ideas on how to do it, from buying a medallion honoring his retirement or buying his jersey. There are plenty great ideas on what to make, that's for sure. 

Maybe you want to spend the big money and get the autographed jersey.  Oh... side note, check out the jersey Jorge Posada owns. Laura posted this the other day after Jeter was honored at the stadium...

Amazing.  The point is, when you reach the stuffed animal realm and you make a stuffed "human" of a real person and it looks more like an alien, yet has #2 on the back, you're clearly out for capitalizing on every dollar you can make off the guy and not thinking clearly.  There is no reason this stuffed thing should have ever been made. It's hideous.  Buy a bobble head, or get a signed baseball.  Things NOT to do... don't by this... it's creepy and weird.

Carry on.

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