Wednesday, September 10, 2014


When stale and boring routines don't change, and you have the same approach to life... or baseball, and you keep losing, what's the quick fix? Well, there is none. But the way to shake things up is approach it differently.  See it differently.  Change the routine.

I watched Dead Poets Society over the weekend and I was always touched by the way the kids stood on their desks at the end of the film when Keating was making his way out of the classroom.  That class saw the world differently in Keating's class after the much too boring classes they were used to, Keating opened their minds. He showed them a different path.  They grew from it and soon enough, they were at another level. The best part? Keating knew he reached these kids... his job was complete. 'Thank you", he said... then the credits.

I hate to even be comparing the Yankees to a movie, but maybe the Yankees need to stand on their desks... maybe they need to dig deep, change the routine, and be lead by a John Keating, or a Kevin Long so they can see the game differently. If not for this season at this point, then for themselves... for the future.  We have problems... big problems, and it's sad at this point.

I was taken by a comment made just a few moments ago, to our post titled DISMISSING TEIXEIRA? I OBJECT!  They wrote:
"The Yankees deserve being such a shit team, resorting every year to buying other team's talent. What a joke. It's delightful seeing how much they suck, with all these old farts who can't hit their way out of a paper bag. Next year will be even more hilarious with A-Fraud back in the lineup being paid how much? $28 million or something. Yankee fans who pay through the nose for tickets to watch these overpaid old farts are suckers."
Clearly they weren't a Yankee fan and clearly they were trying to make me feel bad as a fan, or something.  Truth be told, they wasted their time. We as Yankee fans may be frustrated, but we're tired of being mad.  This comment above is silly, that's all it is.  But the message is clear... lately, the Yankees DO stink. Lately, the talent we've collected ISN'T good.  Lately, we don't look like we have a shot in hell.

Tonight,  the Yankees made an effort to tie it up, but running blunders and lack of offense once again messed that up.  It should surprise no one.

We've had offense problems for a long time, all season actually, but when Kevin Long was asked about maybe changing the routine... he said he wouldn't:

"You’re always searching for ways to make things better, but as far as the routine we’ve done throughout the years, I think it’s worked in the past and you can’t get too far away from it...It’s like a player who’s had several good years, you don’t want to change too much and get away from what’s worked before.”

Sorry, you gotta question that.  Even professional hitters need a shake up.  After all, at this point in the season, anything can help.

Look, there won't be a true recap tonight, because I'm too annoyed and I'm tired, but I'll fill you in on a few things you need to know... 

Hiroki Kuroda pitched 3.1 innings, allowed 9 hits and 4 runs.  After that, the Yankees pieced the pitching together using 7 other pitchers.  SEVEN.

The Yankee run scoring went like this:

In the 4th, Jacoby Ellsbury hit a solo shot.  In the 5th, Chris Young singled knocking in Chase Headley and Ichiro Suzuki.

That's it ladies and gentlemen.  We're a terrible hitting team... yet, our own hitting coach doesn't want to change routine.  Pathetic.

Maybe Long needs to stand on his desk... maybe he'll see the situation differently.

Final: Rays 4 - Yankees 3


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