Friday, September 12, 2014


Don't look at me.  I told ya so, and I've been telling you all season...

If I was managing the New York Yankees, Adam Warren wouldn't be utilized in a pressure situation.  That's it. Look, I understand the concept of winning but I have forever hated the idea of putting in my closer or even setup guy in a tied or scoreless game. Doing that can only hurt you down the road in an extra inning situation.  Today was a perfect example of being burned because of it.  You put Adam Warren in with the Yanks up 1-0 and he walks 2 and hits a batter.  I really would have loved to have seen Joe Girardi's face right then.  I really hope Tony Pena whispered in his ear, "Stupid choice, Joe."

Adam Warren could one day be a great relief pitcher.  Maybe he could even be a truly successful starter.  But I am of the belief that he won't be it in New York. I'm rotten, I know, but let's be honest, you come off an energized walk off win last night with hero Chris Young last night. Then today, once again, Young pulls off a clutch a homer when we needed him in the 11th. Then what? We hand the ball to a less than perfect pitcher in the bottom of the 11th. It's like rolling the dice... you most likely don't get snake eyes on your first toss.  Let me suggest something Mr. Girardi... if these games are must win... THEY'RE MUST WIN GAMES.
Adam Warren is a "sometimes win" pitcher.  Nothing wrong with that, but that's what he is.

Today in the first game against the Orioles, both Brandon McCarthy and Kevin Gausman both pitched great, really giving their teams a chance to win.  It was electric in Camden Yards.  Then, like I mentioned, Chris Young game up in the 11th and put one in the seats. 

As someone tweeted, "Calling Chris Young clutch is an understatement." That's true... he's been the heart the Yankees have been looking for.

But then... Adam Warren came in.  What do you want from me? Warren blew the game for New York.  As I said to a friend of mine as the score became 2-1 for the Orioles Walk-off win... "This should not surprise you."  

Look, no one feels more terrible than Adam Warren today.  He screwed Brandon McCarthy's great performance, the pens and he erased the Young celebration. He also squashed any hopes of the Yankees winning this thing.  All I'm saying is... In the 11th, in a must win game... Adam Warren is not your guy.  Joe Girardi need to plan that pen smarter than he did today.  He didn't, and he got burned because of it.  We all got burned.

So, as they said in Goodfellas, "One dog goes one way, the other dog goes the other way... and this guy's saying 'What do you want from me?'"  Well, I'm "this guy" in that scenario.  You put in Warren in that situation... What do you want from me? I told you so... and I've been telling you so all season.

Final, Game 1: Orioles 2 - Yankees 1

Oh, and you want to really feel the burn? Jimmy Paredes knocked in the winning runs for the O's... a former youngster from the Yankee farm system.

Unbelievable. It's amazing what can happen when kids are given the opportunity. They shine! 

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