Tuesday, September 23, 2014


The Yankees lost and hope is fading quicker right now.

The Yankees lost basically on a bad night for Brandon McCarthy and not real offense.  McCarthy allowed 3 home runs and could not keep the Orioles in the park. 

It's unfortunate because McCarthy has been terrific for the Yankees since coming to the Bronx.  Here's the thing though, everyone has a bad night once in a while. Unfortunately, McCarthy's bad night was tonight.  Not fair, but it's life.

I will give the Yankees this, the fought back.  I'd love to tell you we were able to win it, but we didn't.  Derek Jeter did his best to help rally the club.  In the 7th, he was able to leg out a single. 

Then shortly after, Brian McCann hit his 23rd home run.  Another player that's coming around finally. You gotta give McCann some props.  He's really swinging the bat well lately. Too bad it's the end of the season, but at least we know there's someone in there that's ready to hit.

Off of Ubaldo Jimenez and company, the Yankees only had 6 hits. We left 7 on base and it just keeps in line with what we've been doing all season.  It's frustrating, it stinks, but we as fans know what's happening.

We can't be down on our team this week, no matter what the outcome.  This is it for our Captain.  Let's try and keep it as postive as we can now... I know... ridiculous, right?

Final: Orioles 5 - Yankees 4.

Shake it off... we must win the rest now. WE MUST... OR IT'S OVER.

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