Tuesday, September 2, 2014


So ESPN is reporting that Masahiro Tanaka threw today after being cleared by doctors, because as you know from reading SORENESS FOR TANAKA, Tanaka was said to have had "general soreness".

ESPN says:
"Masahiro Tanaka once again has been cleared by the New York Yankees' team doctor to rev up his throwing program in an effort to return this season from the slightly torn ligament in his pitching elbow. Tanaka, out for nearly two months, played catch Tuesday and reported no problems...Yankees team doctor Chris Ahmad saw Tanaka on Monday and diagnosed the rookie ace with arm fatigue."

Arm fatigue? Really? He's a 7 year veteran pitcher in Japan going 1315 innings before even coming to New York.

Meanwhile, it was announced today that Tanaka was placed on the 60 day DL.  Yet, he's been cleared to throw again? What the hell is going on here?  Something doesn't add up.  I feel like they're lying to us. I don't like the way this feels.

I'm not getting the hurry up and wait with our veteran.  It's clear to me that Tanaka needs to just be shut down.  The idea of rushing him back for September is absolutely ridiculous.  Plus, there is mad speculation right now that he should probably just get Tommy John Surgery now, and at least he'll be ready some time next year.

While I hate the idea of surgery, I hate the idea of rushing this dude back just to be shut down again. I just don't want the possibility of hurting him worse. At least with surgery, the likelihood of him recovering 100% is very good.  What if the dude comes back and then he really does get hurt without surgery? Then... it's more time wasted and a whole lotta nothing.

I find this all very interesting and I'm suspicious.  I don't know what to make of it... but it's clear to me, we don't need Tanaka right now, so let's not blow this!

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