Wednesday, September 10, 2014


I know it's a split second moment in a baseball game. I also know I'm Wednesday Morning Quarterbacking (See what I did there?), but if you're coming home, much like Stephen Drew was last night (photo below), rules go out the window!  You plow through the catcher and deal with the consequences later!

Ryan Hanigan was blocking the plate. He shouldn't have been. And guess what? Drew was being courteous last night, respecting the rules... but this isn't a tea party, it's baseball.

We've written about the "colliding with the catcher" rule a lot here.  In fact, wrote about it in  COULD THE MLB COLLISION RULE BECOME A HORNET'S NEST?:

 "Fans don't want the balls stripped from the game.  It concerns me..." Clearly I was thinking of a situation just like this. Clearly I hate the balls stripped from my game. Clearly, MLB will review all these plays at the end of the season and maybe they'll make some exceptions or rework the rule. Because it stinks.

Baseball can be a brutal game.  When a catcher is protecting home, and a runner wants to get there, but they can't go outside the baseline... what the hell are they supposed to do?

And yes, I get that players can get consussions.  I understand safety, but this is a major league sport.  All my life catchers have blocked the plate and runners have tried to score, sometimes, running over the catcher.  Sometimes the catcher wins, sometimes they don't, but those are the odds unique to that situation.

It's my opinion Drew should have powered on to attempt to get the run in last night. In that situation, Hanigan was an obstacle who should have been decked.  It's pretty hard to make that split second decision as your barreling toward the plate, for the runner, for the catcher and even the umps gotta be alittle panicked that they make the right call.  In the end though, Drew needed to play baseball... he needed to get home, or at least try. This "sliding around the catcher" and "slipping the hand in" is for the birds.  There's enough strategy in baseball.  As far as the collision rule... if a situation like this happens... you need to collide... screw the rule... it's just good ol' fashioned baseball!

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