Tuesday, September 16, 2014


But don't you ever, EVER call him a selfish player.

DRob is about team, and when things don't work out, and he's responsible... he's the first person to tell you.  That's why I have tremendous respect for this guy, and I know the Yankees love him for it.  Don't know what I mean? Check this out...

Remember when the Yankees lost to the Orioles the other night? Remember when I suggested in ENERGY VS. COMPLACENCY that DRob didn't look like he was hitting his spots? Well, this is what he said about it:

“I pitched like crap... A terrible job by me out there. I just stunk... I just wasn’t able to do it today. I felt good in the pen. I felt great warming up earlier today. I thought I had good enough stuff. Those guys are too good to leave pitches in the zone.”

Don't get mad at the guy.  One could argue that they are disappointed in DRob, but I say don't be.  Be disappointed in this Yankee offense that just can't score runs.  We are a pathetic bunch.  Yankee fans can suggest "cleaning house" and firing coaches and management and Brian Cashman all they want, and maybe to some extent that should be considered. But the reality is, these guys are professionals.  They need to play like professionals.  David Robertson... he's a professional.  He owns it.  I don't hear Mark Teixeira or Carlos Beltran or anyone else who's not hitting owning it.  David leads by example.  Maybe now, the slackers will follow...

Finally, let me say this. There was a ton of criticism the next morning after that Yankees loss about who should have tried to close out the game.  Many came out on Twitter suggesting, "Betances should have gone 2 innings."  Really? REALLY? You know the routine, DRob's your closer.  There is no other person in my mind that I'd want in that spot.  Sure, the Yankees COULD have used Betances for 2, but they didn't. You can't go back.  DRob went in, he lost it and he's owning it.  Give the guy some credit. No one knows more than DRob that he was responsible and didn't do his job. It takes a ton of courage to come forward the way he did. As a fan, you need to respect that.

Keep your chin up David, we love ya!

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