Saturday, September 27, 2014


You ever wake up late for work, miss the bus, it's pouring and you don't have enough money for the bus ride into the city? Then, you get to the city, get splashed by a puddle and realize you forgot your wallet?  That was the Yankees today. It started with Masahiro Tanaka... and continued to get worse after that...

Tanaka didn't have it today. What are you gonna do?  Hey, if we were in a pennant race, I'd be worried. Let the guy have a bad outing.  From everything I read, his arm is fine. Tanaka went only 1.2 innings, gave up 7 runs on 7 hits, 5 of those runs were earned. Preston Claiborne gave up 2 more... and Bryan Mitchell gave up the Sox 10th.

The Yanks scored 4, and only came alive in the 7th.  By then it was way too late. There were 3 errors by the Yankees, including throwing errors and a dropped ball by Eury Perez.  We left 9 on base.  We didn't seem like a very good club at all and I guess that's why we didn't make the playoffs, huh?

The irony of it all, was while the rest of the team just didn't have it,  Stephen Drew had 2 RBIs today when he hit a grounds-rule double in the 8th.  Other than that, and the amazing ovation and chant the Red Sox fans gave to Derek Jeter today... that was it:

I appreciate what the Sox fans have been doing the last few days and I have a theory to why they are chanting for Jeter. It's respect. Think about it.  This is a guy the Sox were in a heated rivalry with for years.  Jeter would compete hard against the Sox.  The Sox fans remember that.  The Sox fans respect that. They respect Jeter for his dedication to the game.  This was a guy they wanted to beat badly, but it didn't always work out the Sox way.  That being said, it didn't always work out our way either.  It was a tough give and take, and Jeter was there for most of it.  Sox fans remember that.

Jeter was part of the rivalry when it was extremely tense... and looking back, it was great time in sports.  Today though... today, the Sox fans impressed me yet again.  I tip my cap... Thanks for being so good to our Captain!

Final: Red Sox 10 - Yankees 4

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