Tuesday, September 2, 2014


What a shit show.

I wasn't amused tonight. Neither were you.  You don't play a last place team and look like you're going through the motions. That's not supposed to happen. The plan is you play to trounce them... especially if they're the Red Sox.  What happened tonight was a disaster and we deserve to not make the playoffs. 

The shit show all started for me when Zoilo Almonte was Designated for Assignment just so they could make room for a September call up named Antoan Richardson. Nothing against Richardson, but Almonte needed to be there.

After that report, it went down hill.  Shane Greene didn't have it, but hey, he's allowed to "not have it" once in a while.  When are the Yankee bats going to wake up? When are the plays going to happen? When is the energy going to show up.? You know, Joe Girardi can look puzzled in the dugout all he wants, but if you don't try and change things up, nothing's going to happen.  You can look at a major league club and think, "They're professionals, they know what to do." But if they do the same thing every game. If they have the same routine, the same approach and don't shake things up... a team literally dies.  Sure, laugh at me. I'm right... and I have been right for months.  Stale routines will kill a ball club.  It's like business.  Things aren't working out too well? Fire someone.

Carlos Beltran just dogged a shot from Yoenis Cespedes in right field tonight. Did you see it, because I did. And I don't mean he missed it... I mean the motherfucker jogged toward the ball like he was suspicious that it might bite him.  Who the hell does that in the major leagues? WHO? This is a good dialog that happened on Twitter after that:
And sure, by that point the game was out of reach, but the point is, STALE ROUTINES KILL A CLUB.  That was a major example.

I'm not giving a recap tonight.  You want to know why? Because I don't want to.  It's the same story every night.  The Yankees lose because the Yankees can't score runs.  You know the story.  You want it me to be more creative?  How about that same statement in French:

C'est la même histoire tous les soirs. Les Yankees perdent parce que les Yankees ne peut pas marquer des points.

Maybe Russian is more your taste:

Это та же самая история каждую ночь. Янки потерять, потому что янки не могут забить работает.

The point is there is nothing interesting about this team.  They're slugs.  We were manhandled by a last place club and division rival.  Remember when rivalries between the Yankees and Sox meant something? Tonight was a spectacle.  

I'm at my wits end.  I leave you with this:
You get the idea.

Final: Red Sox 9 - Yankees 4

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