Tuesday, September 23, 2014


You need to see this! OYO Sports came up with an incredibly creative video of Jeter and his 10 best plays of his career.  Of course, if you know Jeter, he could still have another amazing play in his back pocket and he'll throw it at us between now and Sunday. Whatever the case, I love this video and needed to share it immediately.  For instance, the still shot below is of the world famous flip play from 2001:

This is the actually still of that play below. The angle is off a bit, but you get the idea. The only thing that I'm upset with is the fact that the catcher in this play, my boy Jorge Posada is not numbered.  Damn You OYO! Kidding.

Here are the 10 ten Derek Jeter moments in LEGO form:

Thank you OYO Sports.

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