Friday, September 26, 2014


When you think about heroes in sports. Derek Jeter comes to mind.  Sure... let the hater's hate. After all, the funniest and most tremendous part of Derek Jeter walking off in his last game ever in the Bronx is that he did his job and didn't respond to the haters. Keith Olbermann looks more like a fool today than he did yesterday and trust me, that's hard to do. The guy's a doofus... anyway.

The point is it's moments like last night that the haters will never understand. It's not the stats, it's the class... it's that role model stature and it's Derek's character and perfect timing that we all fell in love with.  Haters will never get that... and I feel bad for them.

Forget the haters who want to rain on the parades and celebrations and farewell tours of Derek Jeter or even a Paul Konerko.  Fans celebrate players, that's it! Reporters or commentators rarely do without being provocative.  Don't listen to the media who tell you it's "over the top."  We love our players.

Now, we all know the Jordan and Gatorade videos when it comes to Derek Jeter. Here they are again:

Now Paul Konerko of the Chicago White Sox released his Thank you to the Chicago fans too and some highlights are sprinkled in there.  If you've never watched Konerko play... watch this. He always had a flair for the dramatic too. It's a must see, if you're a baseball fan:

I have always had tremendous respect for Paul, and while if you're on the East Coast like me, and only truly hear about Derek Jeter, Chicago is having their own farewell tour for Konerko.

According to my Chicago radio friends Fahey & Chivari, who I spoke to yesterday, Listen HERE, Konerko had been great for the White Sox fans, and while he hasn't played alot this season... he's loved by the fans... and he should be. It's fun to celebrate these baseball heroes.

I leave you with this;  If you're a fan and you love a guy for clutch hits, or big moments.... or even the fact that he's just a nice guy or good role model... Celebrate them. Celebrate them loud!  That's what fans do.  Don't listen to the haters. Don't listen to the media who claim it's all "over hyped."  They are not the authority when it comes to the honoring players... THE FANS ARE.

Carry on...

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