Monday, September 22, 2014


It's been reported that the Jeter farewell tour has hurt the Yankees this season.  What a bunch of crap. Here's the reality... with their backs against the wall, we are seeing what leadership truly is.  Derek Jeter won't go quietly, and I admire his ferocity as we enter the final few days of the 2014 season.  Sure, the Yankees may not have a chance for the playoffs, but don't tell our Captain that, because he's still fighting. And what's even more symbolic is the way the kid, Jose Pirela handled the game tonight. An RBI triple in his first at bat, almost as if Jeet was passing the symbolic torch from veteran farm hand to rookie prospect.  That's how I saw it at least.... then again, I find symbolism in baseball all day long.

The Yankees won tonight 5-0 against the already clinched Baltimore Orioles.  Michael Pineda pitched for the Yankees and was outstanding tonight.  7.1 innings pitched and he allowed 1 hit.  And there was no pine tar anywhere on his person... atta boy.

Derek Jeter was 1-3 with 3 RBIs tonight.  In fact, this is how the run scoring went down:

In the 3rd inning,  Jose Pirela tripled knocking in Ichiro Suzuki. Then Derek Jeter grounded out but was able to knock a run home in the process.

In the 5th, Derek struck again, but this time it was a clean double down the left field line.  He knocked in Pirela and Brett Gardner.  In the 8th inning, it was Chase Headley cranking one into Monument Park in centerfield. 

I'll take that insurance any day of the week.

So while the game are must wins, the fans are trying not to get too ahead of themselves.  The real story  for us fans is the Captain.  In fact, kudos to @ek_rivera, a Yankee fan, Jeter fan and BYB fan.  Some great photos Tweeted to me tonight and I wanted to give a shout out! Way to go!  At the stadium early and asking fans to hold a #farewellcaptain #BYB sign.  I wanted to share the pics... this is what true fandom is! We appreciate it here at BYB. Thank you.

Awesome work and great job to all.

Here's your final: Yankees 5 - Orioles 0

Go Yanks... Go Derek!

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