Thursday, September 4, 2014


He carried us through the injuries.  He brought life back into the pitching staff during the second third of the year.  He put his heart and soul out there for the team but pitcher David Phelps has been injured since August 4th and somehow has gone missing from our minds.  And with him, unfortunately, I feel like his good works have gone missing too.

Somehow, August has been a forgotten month, so it is not entirely about Phelps being missing from the rotation.  I should know about being forgotten, I am from the forgotten borough of New York City- Staten Island for you folks who have no idea what I am talking about.

Anyway, according to the YES Network"David Phelps threw a 25-pitch bullpen session Tuesday, throwing fastballs and change-ups only, and said that he "felt great" after the outing. Phelps will add in breaking balls in a 35-pitch bullpen on Friday and is scheduled to move up to a simulated game of some sort on Sunday, all in hopes of making his return from arm inflammation sooner rather than later."  My take is much like I feel about Masahiro Tanaka- take your time getting better.  Don't rush.  The Yankees are not going anywhere and frankly, keep your arm healthy for next year.  Phelps says he feels good but again, I say don't rush.

"The righty had been battling arm soreness for a few weeks at that point and had already had an MRI in July, and he had a second one that again simply revealed the best-case scenario of inflammation," stated the YES Network article.  A pitcher can't ignore elbow soreness.  Rest and physical therapy is the best prescription and although the Yankees are considering bringing Phelps back to the bull pen, I still believe he belongs in the starting rotation.

Earlier this season, we spoke to Phelps, when he stepped into the starting rotation as injuries plagued the pitching staff.  Here are his thoughts about starting for the New York Yankees:

BYB: How does it feel to be pitching for the New York Yankees?

David Phelps: When I re-watch my outings and see if everything is moving the way I thought it was and make sure my pitches are what I thought they were, I kind of have to pinch myself when I see myself pitching. When I’m out there I’m more caught up in the moment and let my competitive attitude take it, but when I sit back and say ‘Oh my gosh I’m actually pitching for the Yankees”, it’s everything you could ask for. It’s a first class organization, they treat us fantastic and they put a winning team out there, year after year. (See the entire interview here)

Now that's a passionate pitcher who needs to stay healthy and build longevity with us. I hope the Yankees take their time with Phelps and Tanaka too.  There is no rush.  The team will be here next year.  As the tag line of the YES Network says, "Our History-Your Tradition." We will back year after year- let's keep our young pitchers healthy.  Don't Rush!

--Suzie Pinstripe, BYB Senior Staff Writer
Twitter: @suzieprof


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