Tuesday, September 9, 2014


It's been a while since we've visited #RapadaFoodWars.  After all, Clay Rapada hasn't been with the Yankees for a while now, but we still keep in touch with him, mainly because he's just a real nice guy and we, as baseball fans, appreciate him and all he's done in his career. I consider him one of the most underrated lefties in the game.  That's sincere.

Over the past year or so, we've developed the #RapadaFoodWars.  All it really is is a compilation of food tweets between Clay and myself showing off the great food we're eating at that moment.  Here's Clay's tweet to me last Christmas:
And here's how it all started.  It was grilled asparagus.  Alittle olive oil, salt, pepper and once on the grill, you spray it with squeezed lemon.  It's absolutely delicious:
Well, we have Breaking News... not really. It's been a few weeks since Clay and I have chatted.  But, because I like to eat, and so does Clay, I wanted to share something great with him... and so we did yesterday:
A response was quickly Tweeted back to me:
Now truth be told, this Sausage and hot pepper, goat cheese concoction is something we discovered from a friend of ours over the summer.  Since then, it's a great little appetizer and we do it from time to time in our house, especially while the weather's still nice. The meal is spicy, tasty and the goat cheese cools your tongue because trust me, those peppers are mad hot.  You can have it with alittle wine, or maybe some summer sangria, but have some water close by.   It's delicious and I highly recommend it.

I highly recommend Twitting Clay Rapada too.  He's a good dude. Hope you're well champ!

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