Saturday, September 13, 2014


It's been the Yankees problem all year... lack of run support for their pitching, which has, may I suggest, done things that no one expected.  Yet, even when our pitching keeps us in the game, the bats never wake up. We had opportunities... trust me, we've had a ton of opportunities, but it's become evident; much like the zero we put up last night... we are a big fat zero.  HUGE.

Let me state for the record that we knew this day was coming.  We knew that Buck Showalter would get his revenge. When he was with the Yankees as skipper years ago, we as fans liked the way it felt. We liked the way the players played for him, and one has to wonder if he stuck around in 1996, would he be the manager that won their first World Series since 1978? Nothing against Joe Torre, I love the man... I do find it interesting though.  Motivation is an important tool in baseball... not just little league, in all leagues. You get a players trust, and there is nothing they won't do for you.  Hey Girardi... write that down, because you're missing that.

Look, we can't go back though, we can only go forward... and I need to be honest with you... if continue on this track, kiss 2014 goodbye.  The walls are closing in.  The Yanks had 4 hits last night. The Yanks left 5 on base.  Sad.

Now, while Bryan Mitchell pitched well, going 5 innings, giving up 6 hits and 2 runs, you need to question why he was on the mound in the first place.  Are we trying the lose? If you know David Phelps is coming back, and the guy earned a starting spot... why the hell are you putting him in relief?

Just start the guy. Don't over manager for Christ's sake. I am very confused by Girardi's use of personnel.  It's clear, he doesn't have a grasp on it.  It's clear... the Yankees are no longer winners. 

You want a recap? This is it; Nothing happened.  The Yankees lost 2 in Baltimore. That's really all you need to know.  They were MUST WIN GAMES that they couldn't win.  I've read articles about how Girardi's job should be safe because, "Look at how he managed this club through the lows". Really? There are still "lows" ladies and gentlemen. If we're not winning, and we have the right players, Girardi's not a motivator.  Remember when we "almost" made the playoffs in 1995? Showalter was fired.  You're not gonna fire Girardi for not making the playoffs 2 years in a row? ARE YOU SERIOUS?

And, you want to compare more?

Look at Buck Showalter these days. I've said it before and I'll say it again, Buck has his guys believing.  Buck has his guys wanting to run through brick walls for their team.  We, on the Yankees have guys like Carlos Beltran who's afraid to dive for a baseball, a broken down Teixeira who breaks a finger nail and world closes in around him, and Brian McCann who can't crack the shift. Plus, have you noticed how many errors we make a game?  I hate to beat a dead horse... but I'm beating it... WE'RE NOT MOTIVATED. We have no heart, no will and it appears to us fans that the Yankees just want the season over.  You know what? Fine... finish and go home... it's been torture.

I leave you with this;  Sidney is a gigantic Yankee fan and BYB reader and a really good guy.  As I've stated, I observe a lot and I've seen Sid be one of the most positive fans out there all year... until yesterday:

That says it all...

Final: Orioles 5 - Yankees 0

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